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Divorce Coaching and High Conflict Parent Support

 Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting LLC offers coaching services to parents whether they are divorced parents or married parents.  Coaching can put you on a path to putting your life in balance and finding true happiness and can help you break cycles of unhealthy relationship patterns. 


We help parents improve their relationships with their children and can help you gain the skills that help rebuild relationships when family and divorce trauma have broken things down.  Learn to live life to the fullest and improve your situation, regardless of where you are at right now.  All things are possible if you believe in who you are.  You are a good parent, let that light shine through!


Coaching services can be scheduled for individuals and couples.  When couples run into problems, communication can shut down.  This is the worst thing that can happen. Sometimes all you need is a little understanding of the opposite sex and what makes you both tick. Start talking and having fun again.  It is often possible to save your relationship.


Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting specializes in helping those in conflict.  Our services are invaluable to those who are struggling with divorce and other life transitions.  As a divorce and coparenting specialist, Susan is an expert on high conflict divorce and can help you minimize co-parenting conflict.  This can be done with or without involving your ex. Let's work on keeping your kids out of the middle and keep family court intervention to a minimum.


Many of Susan Carpenter's clients have the desire to improve their relationships with family court professionals.  Coaching can help you learn how to survive and thrive in the midst of a prolonged family court battle and control the conflict before it controls you. Save money on legal bills by working more cooperatively and efficiently with your lawyer, Guardian ad Litem, PC, PTE, and Custody Evaluator.  Improve your communication skills across the board, and gain insight into surviving the hostile coparenting relationship and getting your kids though it, too. 


Through coaching you can gain communication and conflict management strategies for co-parenting with a hostile, angry ex spouse.  The more you know, the more confident you will feel.  Family court can feel a lot like wandering in the dark or walking on eggshells.  Be confident in your abilities.  Try coaching today!

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