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Exposure to parent conflict hurts parents and children!

High conflict coparents never thought they'd end up in a divorce battle that never ends, but that is how it seems when dealing with hostile co-parenting situations.  Failure to communicate effectively results in chaos, added stress and higher legal bills.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Some professionals have little understanding of what drives high conflict.  Without some understanding of what is driving the conflict, there is little hope that they can help parents come up with workable solutions. 


Susan Carpenter understands that high conflict divorce may stem from underlying issues related to domestic abuse, chemical dependency or mental health issues. Some families are impacted by relationship patterns or trauma that interferes with the ability to move on after divorce and develop an effective co-parenting relationship.  Parents who end up labeled as "high conflict" get stuck in a revolving door of accusations and blame with no real solutions.  It's no surprise that highly dysfunctional marriages become highly dysfunctional divorce when there has been no intervention to address communication and conflict patterns historical to the relationship. Susan Carpenter works hard to help families learn new ways of interacting to get back to life balance and focus on the children. 


As a mediator, coach and educator, Susan is a true advocate for the high conflict family, working with parents to minimize the effects of long term court battles in their lives. If you are tired of the battle, want to take your life back and move in a new direction, Susan can help parents jointly or individually.  When you feel overwhelmed by a system that you don’t understand or by life events beyond your control, Susan Carpenter is here to help with a unique understanding of divorce and co-parent conflict.   You can stop fighting and become the best parent you can be.   Anyone can learn better ways to communicate and co-parent regardless of what your co-parent does. Children need at least one strong parent who is willing to put their focus on the children and learn how to disengage from the fight. 

Parents experiencing high conflict divorce need support whether that is a third party neutral or a coach who specializes in high conflict.  Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting LLC offers both types of support. For more information on parenting consultant or parenting time expeditor services, click here.  For information on confidential high conflict parent coaching services, click here.

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