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Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE)

Susan Carpenter offers affordable and Convenient Parenting Consultant and Parenting Time Expeditor Services for families!

Susan Carpenter says, "The best way to help children through divorce is to help their parents through divorce.  Susan is the founder of Life's Doors Mediation.  She has the experience and skills necessary to tackle even the most high conflict situations as a Parenting Time Expeditor.  These special ADR roles are a part of the lives of many divorced families.  Depending on your situation, a PTE may help you decrease parent conflict and keep children out of the middle.  A parenting time expeditor deals ONLY with issues related to parenting time.  If the family dynamics are high conflict or the issues in dispute involve more than parenting time, you may want to consider the services of a parenting consultant.

Susan offers flexible scheduling for busy families, with appointments available days, evenings or occasional Saturdays.  Our rates are reasonable, and our focus is on dispute resolution services.  Many parenting time expeditors are busy attorneys, psychologists or custody evaluators and fit you into their schedule around the other work they do.  That is what makes Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting LLC different.  Susan's focus is on helping families.  It is also her passion and priority.  She works with parents to reduce conflict and get children out of the middle of it and helps empower parents to focus on their relationship with the children instead of wasting time and energy on a never-ending battle. Parents can benefit from Susan's experience and learn new ways to work together, or sometimes function better apart, to help children through divorce and the family transitions that come with having two households.

What is a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE)?

A parenting time expeditor is a person appointed pursuant to Minn. Stat. 518.1751 to assist parents with parenting time disputes.  A mediation-arbitration process is used to resolve disputes raised by the parties. The process is confidential, as defined by the statute.

A Parenting time expeditor is only authorized to decide issues involving or related to parenting time.  Services do not begin until parents provide a copy of the court order to appoint Susan Carpenter as their parenting time expeditor,  pay a deposit for services and schedule an initial appointment to sign a parenting time expeditor contract.  However, the initial appointment can be a place to begin discussing issues that are in dispute. Both parents will be expected to attend an initial joint appointment to learn about the PTE role and expectations.  If there are issues that need resolution, those issues may be discussed at the intitial meeting.  All in-person meetings will take place in the Parenting Time Expeditor's office or online.  However, some issues may be handled by phone, e‐mail, or via written correspondence. 


If you are interested in appointing Susan Carpenter as a parenting time expeditor, you may call or email to verify Susan's availability and to receive the latest documents.

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