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Distanced Couple

Susan Carpenter is focused on Family Dispute Resolution, Co-parenting and High Conflict Solutions and is Minnesota's top ADR Professional for families!

Parenting Consultant (PC)

Susan Carpenter offers affordable and Convenient Parenting Consultant and Parenting Time Expeditor Services for families!

Susan Carpenter says, "The best way to help children through divorce is to help their parents through divorce."  Susan founded Life's Doors Mediation to help families with conflict and has since merged services into Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting LLC to lend support for individual parent needs, as well.  She has the experience and skills necessary to tackle even the toughest high conflict situations as a Parenting Consultant and Parenting Time Expeditor.  These special ADR roles are a part of the lives of many divorced families.  Depending on your situation, a PC may help you decrease parent conflict and keep children out of the middle.

Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting offers flexible scheduling for busy families, with appointments available days, evenings or occasional Saturdays.  My rates are affordable, and I keep the focus on helping families move beyond conflict and family court.  Many parenting consultants are busy attorneys, psychologists or custody evaluators and fit you into their schedule around the other work they do.  That is what makes Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting LLC different.  Susan Carpenter's focus is on helping families.  She is dedicated to helping families find solutions and this is her priority.  She works with parents to reduce conflict and get children out of the middle of conflict while empowering parents to focus on their relationship with the children instead of wasting time and energy on a never-ending battle.  Parents can benefit from Susan's experience and learn new ways to work together, or sometimes function better apart, to help children through divorce and the family transitions that come with having two households.

What is a Parenting Consultant (PC)?

A parenting consultant is an Individual agreed upon by both parents and court ordered to work with divorced, divorcing or never married parents who are struggling with co-parenting issues.  The Process includes assisting parents to reach agreements, coaching, and making decisions on issues when parents cannot reach agreements on their own.  Decisions are binding on parties.​  Parenting consultants cannot change custody or child support.   Some people refer to the role as a Parent Coordinator, but the role is the same.  A parent coordinator and parenting consultant are different terms used to explain the exact same role.

A court order is required to begin parenting consultant services.  Parenting consultant services do not begin until parents provide a copy of the court order to appoint Susan Carpenter as their parenting consultant,  pay a deposit for services and schedule an initial appointment to sign a parenting consultant contract.   During the initial appointment, Susan will meet with both parents to explain the role, discuss expectations and answer any questions the parents may have.  If there are issues that are in dispute, it is possible to discuss resolution at the initial meeting.  However, the initial appointment may take place even when there are no current disputes.  Future interactions between the parenting consultant and parents may be provided jointly or separately, depending on many factors and whether the issues raised are time sensitive in nature.  Resolution is always done with the children's needs in mind. It may  become necessary for the parenting consultant to meet with the children, depending on the situation and the child's age.  Meetings with the parenting consultant will take place in the Parenting Consultant's office or online.  However, some issues may be handled by phone, e‐mail, or via written correspondence.  If you have concerns about joint meetings, please discuss that with Susan prior to the initial appointment.  Separate meeting times or rooms can be arranged.


If you are interested in appointing Susan Carpenter as a parenting consultant, please call or email to verify Susan's availability and obtain the latest documents.

Take a free E-course I created for Still Family Parenting Community to learn about the difference between PCs and PTEs!

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