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Divorce Mediation

Susan Carpenter provides affordable Divorce and Family Mediation Services with flexible scheduling options for busy parents.  From the beginning stages to post decree parenting disputes, we have the skills to help.  Appointments are available during the day, evening and occasional Saturdays.  Visit the Mediation page to learn more.

Parnting Consltant

A parenting consultant is an Individual agreed upon by parties and court appointed to work with divorced or divorcing parents.  The Process includes assisting parents to reach agreements, coaching, and making decisions on issues when parents cannot agree.  Decisions are binding on parties.  Parenting Consultant services require a court order and are not confidential. Visit our Parenting Consultant page to learn more.

Parenting Time Expeditor

A parenting time expeditor is a person appointed pursuant to Minn. Stat. 518.1751 to assist parents with parenting time disputes. A mediation-arbitration process is utilized to resolve disputes raised by the parents. The process is confidential, as defined by the statute.​  Parenting Time expeditor services require a court order. Visit our parenting time expeditor page to learn more.

Divorce Coaching

 Susan Carpenter offers divorce and conflict coaching services to parents whether they are divorced parents or married parents. These services can be done jointly or individually.  Parents may wish to attend coaching with an older child to help build or rebuild the parent-child relationship when the relationship has been affected by past events.  Some parents also seek parent coaching for assistance with child behavior problems or to counteract alienating behaviors coming from a hostile co-parent.  One-on-one coaching is particularly helpful for parents in high conflict or trying to co-parent after domestic violence or abusive histories.  Visit our divorce coaching page to learn more.


Susan Carpenter believes that knowledge is power.  We offer parenting classes on co-parenting, Conflict Management and Resolution, Stress and Anger, Relationships, Communication, Child Development, Child focused Co-parenting, Empowered Parenting, Emotional Intelligence and much more.  Visit our parenting classes page to learn more.

High Conflict

Susan Carpenter has the experience to handle high conflict situations.  We know that these situations not only harm children, but also the parents involved.  The cases are extremely painful ones for the family and difficult from a professional standpoint as well.  Parents often learn new skills and perspectives when professionals encourage parents to see things from their children's point of view.  For more on high conflict, visit our high conflict page.

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